The Irish in New Brunswick

The province of New Brunswick has a rich Irish tradition and was almost called New Ireland. In recent years, Irish culture has flourished. The province has an active Irish association, the Irish Canadian Cultural Association of New Brunswick and the Irish Festival on the Miramichi has consistently drawn large crowds and is one of the top torism events in North America.

In Ocober of 1998, the President of Ireland, Mary McAleese, visited New Brunswick. Read about her remarks.

Articles About the Irish in New Brunswick

Another New Ireland Lost:The Irish of New Brunswick by Peter M. Toner

Almost As Bad as Ireland: The Experience of the Irish Immigrant in Canada, Saint John, 1849

The History of the Irish in Saint John

Timothy Warren Anglin: Irish Pioneer in New Brunswick

Irish Emigration to New England Through The Port of St. John New Brunswick, 1841-1849 by Daniel F. Johnson

Other Resources

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