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The Irish in Canada


One Fifth of Canadians Have Irish Heritage!

Halifax Honours Irish Immigrants

This web site is dedicated to the study of The Irish in Canada. By this, I mean the cultural and political study of the thousands of people who left Ireland to make Canada their home, most prominently in the 1800's, and their ancestors.

I have long been chagrined by the little that exists in current texts and even cultural information about the contribution of the Irish to Canada. It has been a rich, colourful and positive contribution and an important and significant part of our history. In a small way, I hope this site will begin to change the ommission of Irish history.

This site includes essays from The Untold Story:The Irish in Canada edited by Robert O'Driscoll and Lorna Reynolds. Other resources will soon be added.

I appreciate the patience and kind words of visitors as I construct this site. Thank you!!

I have also added a site where anyone interested in the Irish in Canada can post questions or share ideas. Please select this link to go there. I really appreciate your patience as I get this work completed!

Please sign the petition to save Carrickminescastle , a momument to Irish history.

Resources in Irish History in Canada

The Untold Story The Famine
Immigration Books
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