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ShamrockThe Untold Story:
The Irish in CanadaShamrock

Table of Contents

Image and Reality

  • Irish Emigrants to Canada: Whence They Came by Cecil J. Houston and William J. Smyth.
  • The Paddy Image: The Stereotype of the Irishman in Cartoon and Comic by Donald Power
  • "God's Unfortunate People": Histiogeography of Irish Catholics in Nineteenth Century Canada by William M. Baker
  • A Hidden Holocaust

    The Irish in Atlantic Canada

    The Irish in Quebec

    The Irish in Ontario

    • Reginalized Migration and Settlement Patterns of the Irish in Upper Canada by Bruce S. Elliot
    • Success and the Dounbtful Image of Irish Immigrants in Upper Canada: The Case of Montague Township, 1820-1900 by Glenn J. Lockwood
    • The Irish in the Napanee River Valley: Camden East Township, 1851-1881 by Juliam Gwyn

    The Irish in Wstern Canada

    • The Irish in the Arctic: A Perspective on the Irish in Canada by Donal Deieach
    • Irish Nationalism in Manitoba , 1870-1922 by Richard Davis
    • Orangemen on the Frontier: The Praries and British Columbia by Hereward Senior
    • The Irish in British Columbia by J.A. Lavin

    Thomas D'Arcy McGee
    and the Making of the Canadian Nation

    When It Mattered:
    The Linking of the Orange and the Green

    • A Linking of the Orange and the Green by Clare Wescott
    • The Irish in the War of 1812 by A.E.C. Bredin
    • The Orange and the Green with Snow in Between by Hereward Senior
    • Who Shall Separate Us? The Montreal Irish and the Great War by Robin B. Burns
    • Back in the Old Country: Diary of a Canadian Soldier in Ireland, 1918 by Christopher Cochlan
    • The Second World War and the Saga of the Irish Regiment of Canada by Brian Horgan


    • Francis Collins: An Irishman's Contribution to the Freedom of the Press in Canada by John Ward
    • Ogle Gowan: Founder of Canadian Oranism by Hereward Senior
    • Robert Baldwin: Symbol of Political Moderation by Hereward Senior
    • William Baldwin: Founder of Canadian Liberalism by Hereward Senior
    • Francis Hicks: Political Architect by Hereward Senior
    • Robert Lindsay Crawford, 1910-1922: A Fenian Protestant in Canada by John W. Boyle
    • Sam Hughes: Folk Hero of the Future by Hereward Senior
    • James F. Kenney: Pioneer Irish Scholar by Glenn T. Wright
    • James Charles McGuigan: First Cardinal from English Canada
    • The McDonoughs: A Famous Mining Family Team by Stan Twardy
    • Padraig O Broin: Poet, Publisher, Book Collector
    • A Gallery of Portraits: Edward Blake, Timothy Eaton, Nellie McClung, Sir William Mulock, Robert McLaughlin, King Clancy

    Language and Culture

    • Irish Folks Songs in Canada by Edith Fowke
    • Reflections of the Fortunes of the Irish Language, with Some Reference to the Fate of the Language by Proinias Mac Aonghusa
    • An Attempt to Make Gaelic Canada's Third Official Language by John Ward
    • Growing up Irish in a Newfoundland Outpory by Patrick O'Flaherty
    • Am I Really As Gaelic As They Say? by Harry J. Boyle
    • My Irish Humour by Max Ferguson

    Politics and Sociology

  • The Irish Holylands of Ontario by Edward Jackson,o.p.
  • Orangemen in Canada by Cecil J. Houston and William J. Smith
  • The Irish Palatines and Methodism in North America by Dean O'Driscoll
  • The Education of a Minority: The Irish Family Urbanized by Murray W. Nicolson
  • The Donnellys: A Tipperary Vendetta in Victorian Ontario by James Reany
  • Irish Catholic Politics in Ontario by Michael Connell
  • Irish Catholics and the Political Culture of Upper Canada, The Case of the Toronto Mirror, 1837-1865 by Curtis Fahey
  • The Orange Order in Toronto: Religious Riot and the Working Class by Gregory S. Kealey
  • Protestant and Catholic Attitudes Toward Poverty: The Irish Community and the Development of the Saint Vincent de Paul Society in Nineteenth Century Toronto by Mary Lassance Parthun
  • The Catholic Church and Irish Nationalism in Toronto: 1850-1900 by Gerald J. Stortz
  • Canada, Ireland and the World

    • A Toast to Canada by Dean MacBride
    • The Anglo-Irish Treaty and After: The Canadian Model and Context by John A. Murphy
    • Canada, Ireland and the Commonwealth: The Declartion of the Irish Republic, 1948-1949 by F.J. McEvoy

    A Return to the Hearthstone

    • A Return to the Hearthstone by Robert O'Driscoll
    • Re-grafting the Ancestoral Tree or Tracing Your Irish Roots by Kathleen Neill


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